Urinalysis Control Level 1

SKU: UC5033 Categories: , Format: Liquid ready-to-use Matrix: 100% Human urine Size: 12x12ml Values: Assayed Working Stability: Stable to expiry date at 2℃ to 8℃. Open vial stability 30 days or 20 immersions at 2℃ to 25℃ Available Applications: http://inserts.randox.com/out.php Tags: , ,


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The Randox Acusera Urinalysis quality control is specifically designed for use with both manual and automated methods of urine test strip analysis. The control is available in convenient 12ml vials with assayed ranges provided for 13 parameters covering the chemical examination of urine specimens.


Albumin | Bilirubin | Blood | Creatinine | Glucose | hCG | Ketones | Leukocytes | Nitrite | pH | Protein | Specific Gravity | Urobilinogen

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