Coronavirus COVID-19 Home Testing Kit

Our pioneering test for COVID-19 utilises PCR to accurately and reliably diagnose COVID-19, thus facilitating appropriate containment and reducing further spread of disease. Our test comprises two tests for COVID-19; one specific and one confirmatory as recommended by the WHO. Our rapid testing service is used within the UK government’s national COVID-19 testing programme, with Randox responsible for up to 17% of the total tests carried out.

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Randox has developed a revolutionary test for Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The new test utilises PCR.

Booking process

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Step 4 – Receive Results

Next steps

The kit provided is used for the collection of upper respiratory specimens.

Your kit will include;

  • Transportation box
  • 1 Pathoseal Bag
  • 1 swab
  • 1 large postal envelope
  • 1 sample collection tube
  • Sample Collection Instructions
  • 1 Transportation Tube
  • Screening Request form


  • Complete the COVID-19 Screening Request Form included in the sampling kit.
  • Wash hands before starting
  • Open the package containing the swab and remove without touching the soft tip.
  • Insert swab into mouth and swab the back of the throat and tonsils and either side of the throat avoiding the tongue.
  • While holding the swab, screw off the sample collection tube lid and place swab in the tube.
  • Break off the end of the swab and the breakpoint and screw the lid back on tightly.
  • Place the sample collection tube within the transport tube and seal with the lid provided.
  • Place transportation tube inside the Pathoseal bag. Absorbent material will already be in situ.
  • Seal pathoseal bag by removing the metallic silver strip. Ensure the blue adhesive strips have made a tight seal of the bag.
  • Insert the pathoseal bag into the transportation box which should then be put inside the Postal Envelope provided and taken to a post office/courier arranged to be sent to the address.