Coronavirus COVID-19 Home Testing Kit

Order your COVID-19 Home Sample Collection Kit and then send to our accredited laboratory in Northern Ireland for testing.  Kit Return options include next day COVID-19 results via the Randox Drop Box service. Once your collection kit has been received by our laboratories we will aim to give you a result next day (up to 11.59pm).

This COVID-19 home test kit will require you to complete a nasal and throat swab sample. Note that the delivery of the kits back to the lab is your own responsibility.

This home sample test kit is also suitable for pre departure testing if your airline require a negative result before you fly.

If you require further information, please call 0800 2545 201, email or visit our FAQ page

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Randox has developed a revolutionary test for Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The new test utilises PCR.

Booking process

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Step 2 – Register Kit
Step 3 – Collect & Post
Step 4 – Receive Results

Next steps

The kit provided is used for the collection of upper respiratory specimens.

Your kit will include;

  • Transportation box
  • 1 Pathoseal Bag
  • 1 swab
  • 1 large postal envelope
  • 1 sample collection tube
  • Sample Collection Instructions
  • 1 Transportation Tube
  • Screening Request form


  • Complete the COVID-19 Screening Request Form included in the sampling kit.
  • Wash hands before starting
  • Open the package containing the swab and remove without touching the soft tip.
  • Insert swab into mouth and swab the back of the throat and tonsils and either side of the throat avoiding the tongue.
  • While holding the swab, screw off the sample collection tube lid and place swab in the tube.
  • Break off the end of the swab and the breakpoint and screw the lid back on tightly.
  • Place the sample collection tube within the transport tube and seal with the lid provided.
  • Place transportation tube inside the Pathoseal bag. Absorbent material will already be in situ.
  • Seal pathoseal bag by removing the metallic silver strip. Ensure the blue adhesive strips have made a tight seal of the bag.
  • Insert the pathoseal bag into the transportation box which should then be put inside the Postal Envelope provided and taken to a post office/courier arranged to be sent to the address.